Lineup Announced!

The only thing better than having awesome and wonderful friends who make kickass music, is sharing said friends and said kickass music with everyone we know.  Comatopia is our annual party to do that thing.

Witness the bands that will be playing!  Witness the music we want you to fall in love with!!

The Brothers Comatose (that’s us, ya dingus.)

Sam Chase & The Untraditional (you may remember their awesomeness from such festivals as Comatopia 1…)

Hillstomp (Portland buddies who crush and rock harder with 2 people than most bands can with 22)

John Craigie (Have you heard that new album?  No Rain No Rose – ??  It’s amazing.  Go listen to it!  – No, wait.  Better yet – come hear him at Comatopia and then buy his new album there.)

Willie Tea Taylor (The original Band Ambassador, mustache solo-er, whiffle-ball advocator, and rad dude.)

Rainbow Girls (Check out the new music from these righteous ladies!  Do it!  And then come and singalong with our Frostbite tour buddies at our festival!)

Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra (Hometown amigos, touring companions, french fry & salad thieves – we have lots of history with these lovely fellows.)

Crow And The Canyon (Our Portland friends that we see too seldom!  Can’t wait to soak up their sweet string-y sounds again!)

Ismay (Our horse-riding, trail-guiding, song-slinging, typewriter-lending heroine from our own hometown!)

John Courage (Sonoma County legend, recording engineer superstar, Gremlintone founder, and future metal side-project shredder extraordinaire!)

Buck Wild & The Boss Hossers (… seriously?  How the hell did these guys get booked?  Two years in a row?  … no talent hacks, each and every one of ’em…)