Our dear, sweet camp buddies.  Our kickball teammates.  Dearest back-porch jammers and swim-hole caravaners…  We can’t wait to party with you all again.

This year, Comatopia is moving.  Our old place lost their permits, and we have found a new home!  Things, as they are so wont to do, will change.

But the super chill, damn good time will live on.  As will the legacy of our kickball victories (Gio is writing this… by the way.)

We are excited to invite y’all to Bandit Town in North Fork, CA.  Bandit Town is 35 minutes from the South Entrance to Yosemite and is also 10 minutes away from hot springs and swimming holes.

It’s also where we will all be, thus making it Comatopia, and thus making it awesome.


Our lineup this year is still TBA… although I’m pretty sure (really, definitely sure, actually) that The Brothers Comatose are playing.

Word on the street is that Buck Wild and The Boss Hossers might be in town… but after the looting, pillaging, and wanton drunken shenanigans last year, I’m not sure that they’ll be invited back….

We’ll – naturally – keep you posted as to all developments, and get it rolling for you up in the slides.


There are two tiers of tickets – general 3-day admission that does not include camping and general 3-day admission that does include onsite camping.
Onsite camping is limited, so please don’t wait to purchase this ticket if you would like to camp onsite.
Children under 10 are free!


Camping will be available onsite for about two thirds of attendees. If you want to ensure that you will be able to camp onsite, please make sure to purchase a weekend pass that includes camping before it is sold out.
There are a variety of other camping and lodging options available offsite, but August is a busy time in Yosemite (which is just down the road) and they will sell out in advance.
Feel free to do your own research, but here are a few suggestions on lodging: